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This part of Oldschool Gaming contains a series of articles that hopefully explain game design and mechanics on a more general level rather than having specific source code for one platform. The links included are also more general and in some cases not directly related to 8-bit development, but there is a lot of information there worth reading.

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OSG Review of 2010

Another delve through the previous twelve months, presented in the style of a badly-managed awards ceremony without the tuxedos.

written by OSG staff 
OSG Review of 2008

The Oldschool Gaming team squint at some of the notable points of 2008 for your delight and delectation.

written by OSG staff 
OSG Review of 2007

The Oldschool Gaming team took a look at some of the highlights and low points from the last twelve months.

written by OSG staff 
Pushed To The Edge

OSG takes a look at the art form that is compressing large games into small spaces.

written by Frank Gasking 
To Non-Programming Idea Peddlers

Bob Montgomery offers some considered advice to non-programmers who want to design games.

written by Bob Montgomery 
Two Years OSG

A look back over the first two years of Oldschool Gaming and some thoughts about the future.

written by Jason Kelk 
Interview: Dan Phillips

C64 legend and professional game developer Dan talks about the games that started his career and what happened next.

written by Jason Kelk 
Interview: Jonathan Cauldwell

We had a delve around the mind of Jonathan Cauldwell, creator of Loco Bingo... and got a bit lost!

written by Jason Kelk 
Interview: Lasse Oorni

Lasse Oorni released the first Metal Warrior in 1999 and hasn't stopped since. We chased after him for an interview.

written by Jason Kelk 
Design Philosophy

Making Games The Graftgold Way is Steve Turner's insight into what makes games like Paradroid so playable.

written by Steve Turner 
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Game Sites
Games That Weren't Portal

A collection of games and previews that were thought lost until they were located again.


Monthly gaming mag with a large retro section at the back and well-versed reviewers.

Micro Mart

Popular weekly magazine and home of Shaun Bebbington's Retro Mart column.

Retro Gamer

The first international magazine dedicated solely to retro gaming and the machines behind it.


Reviews of new games for classic formats and indie titles as well as a games publisher.

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